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This was reported by The Washington Post citing US government sources.

As US officials explain, the key reason for ignoring Putin’s threats is the fact that the Russian president is not sticking to his promises to punish the West for providing arms to Ukraine.

His bluff assured US and European leaders that they could continue to do so without serious consequences.

Officials in the US say managing the risks of escalation remains one of the most difficult aspects of the war for Biden and his foreign policy advisers.

One State Department official said the lack of response from Russia affected the risk calculations of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, a key confidant of Biden, who urges the administration and US allies to do more to support Ukraine.

A White House source said that like Blinken, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan also believes the benefits of providing Ukraine with more powerful weapons outweigh the risks of escalation, and is actively working with European allies to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets.

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