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The results of the local elections in the Zonneberg district in southern Thuringia have shown that the far-right party «Alternative for Germany» has the opportunity to lead a district administration in Germany for the first time. This district is populated by approximately 56,000 people.

The AfD candidate, Robert Zesselmann, received 46.7% of the votes, while his closest rival from the conservative Christian Democratic Union, Jürgen Kepper, garnered 35.7% of the votes. Consequently, a runoff election was announced, which will take place on June 25. If Zesselmann wins in the second round, he will become the first representative of the far-right to head a district administration in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In total, Germany has 294 districts and 106 cities of equal status to districts. So far, far-right parties have not come to power in any of them.

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