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In the vicinity of the Wunstorf airbase in Germany, a protest took place with the participation of around 300 people, demonstrating against NATO exercises.

Photo: DPA / Fernando Martinez

According to the German news portal NDR, the participants gathered in front of the airbase, drawing attention to the NATO Air Defender maneuvers.

Organizations advocating for peace called for this protest. The participants of the demonstration carried placards with peace symbols, as well as anti-NATO slogans. During the event, the protesters demanded that the German government call for an immediate ceasefire in the conflict in Ukraine. They believe that the upcoming exercises send the wrong signal and could lead to further escalation of the conflict. A protest action also took place in front of the “Spangdahlem” airbase in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, from which US fighter jets will take off during the exercises.

Protest actions are planned for the following week as well. A central rally against the maneuvers of the Luftwaffe will take place in Brandenburg on June 17. The action will also be held against the planned military PR event, “Day of the Federal Armed Forces,” in Brandenburg. Organizations from across East Germany are calling for participation in the protest, as the eastern federal states are a priority area for NATO exercises and low-altitude flights up to 330 meters above ground.

Air Defender 23 exercises will take place in Germany from 12 to 23 June. It is reported that ten thousand military personnel and 250 aircraft from 25 countries will take part in them.

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