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This was stated by the Irish politician, MEP from The Left group in the European Parliament Сlare Daly during the debate.

She pointed out that neoliberals should have taken President Trump’s rise to power and the Brexit outcome as a wake-up call. However, instead of accepting their own responsibility and seeking to make amends, they opted to deny their losses. In search of a foreign scapegoat, they intensified the blame game, leading to the creation of the myth of Russian interference.

“Russian interference is now the go-to slur for anything or anyone who disagrees. The anti-war movement? Kremlin stooges. Catalan independence? Putin puppets. Journalists, climate actions, trade unions – Russian agents. Every slander more cynical than the last. This is a sign of a deeply unhealthy political culture. We warned at the beginning that this would end in tears. Now we’ve NGOs in uproar over the foreign agents law, the Polish Government accusing the opposition of Russian collusion. I stand by our minority report. This report is a travesty to an open society. Some of its provisions likely breach EU fundamental rights law. If introduced, it will be abused. We need to put a stop to this madness now”, she said.

Source: Telegram/Clare Daly
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