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Фото: Джеймс Клеверли, глава МИД Британии (Getty Images)
АВТОР: Катерина

An 82-year-old pensioner has been convicted for selling marijuana in the German city of Aurich. He claimed that he committed the crime due to his small pension of around €800. These funds were insufficient to cover even basic monthly needs.


Prosecutors sought a prison sentence of 34 months. However, considering the defendant’s age and health condition, the court imposed a suspended sentence instead of actual imprisonment. The pensioner had previously faced legal issues and had been incarcerated 24 times.


The man had worked as a sea captain for 35 years, but his pension amounted to only €800 per month. This case serves as a vivid example of how poverty can drive people to drug-related crimes. To prevent future incidents, measures need to be developed to combat poverty and provide a social assistance package so that individuals do not resort to illegal actions in their struggle for survival.


According to German news sources, the minimum basic pension in 2021 stood at €1,250. To receive this amount, one needs to have worked for at least 45 years with a certain level of earnings. Starting from July 1, 2023, pensions in the old federal states will increase by 4.39%. Thus, those who previously received €1,000 will have €1,043.90. In the new federal states, the increase will be 5.86% – a pension of €1,000 will rise to €1,058.60.

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