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In an interview with the American television channel PBS, Stoltenberg emphasized the need for the alliance to counter potential security threats posed by China, particularly in light of its military developments.

“The North American and European regions are facing global threats, including the fact that China is increasingly investing in advanced military capabilities, nuclear weapons, and attempting to intimidate its neighbors worldwide. Additionally, we are witnessing a closer relationship between China and Russia, as demonstrated by their recent large-scale joint naval exercises. We are seeing more Russian and Chinese patrols at sea and in the air,” stated Stoltenberg.

The NATO Secretary General believes it is crucial for the alliance to counter potential security threats from China and unite against the “security consequences” of China’s actions. Stoltenberg also underscored that in the current security landscape, security has become a global, rather than regional, concern, and that events in Europe have an impact on Asia and vice versa.

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