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The US portal The Grayzone claims to have conducted an independent expedition at the Nord Stream bombing site and discovered an investigative missed piece of evidence – a boot allegedly commonly worn by US and Ukrainian Navy divers.

A reporter was able to survey the bottom of the Baltic Sea using an underwater drone.

“Suddenly a strange object appeared on the screen. It was a black and orange diving boot. Grayzone identified a model that looked very similar to this boot, which is used by the US Navy and commercial divers. Divers from the Ukrainian Navy have also been spotted wearing similar boots,” according to the publication.

However, the portal notes that similar boots can probably be found on the open market.

Earlier, the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported that a Ukrainian serviceman, who was not linked to the authorities in Kyiv, might have been one of the bombers of the Nord Stream attacks.

According to its information, German investigators searched the flat of an acquaintance of the possible perpetrator of the terrorist attack on Northern Streams on May 25, she is a witness.

“In search of the attackers, investigators searched the young woman’s flat. They say she is a former partner of the Ukrainian suspect,” the newspaper said.

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