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Prague Pride 2023. Is it just another vibrant show or another skillful manipulation by liberals?

(Подзаголовка нет)

Serge Rosendale, political observer.

On Monday, August 7th, in the capital of the Czech Republic, the city of Prague, the Prague Pride 2023 festival of sexual minorities kicked off. Throughout the week, until August 13th, it offered guests around 150 diverse cultural, sports and entertainment events, including the renowned parade through the city’s central streets. The colorful procession of gays, lesbians, transgender individuals and other representatives of the LGBT community took place on Saturday, August 12th. Additionally, on the central streets of Prague, a Pride Park was set up with several music stages, stalls offering various foods and drinks, spaces for various creative workshops and tents where anyone interested could sign a petition for equal marriage rights for all. The thirteenth edition of the festival focused on traditions and their influence on modern society. This theme was also reflected in the festival’s slogan: “More traditional than you think.” While this information was presented to the citizens of Prague and guests of the Czech capital through official Prague Pride resources, in reality, things appeared less rosy and much more complex for the city’s residents than what the festival’s organizers had stated. We will now discuss in detail what actually happened and what Prague Pride could be remembered for by a wider audience.

Photos: Voice of Europe

For a better understanding of the situation surrounding Prague Pride, it’s important to note, especially for readers unfamiliar with LGBT issues, that the LGBT theme has been intentionally promoted by the majority of liberal organizations worldwide in recent years. Prominent figures in the left-wing public sphere on our planet have been instrumental in disseminating this theme to the masses, which undoubtedly impacted the growing popularity of LGBT ideas in the Western world. Despite the rejection of these ideas by proponents of traditional values and numerous protests from orthodox religious communities, the ideology of LGBT values continues to penetrate modern society, becoming something increasingly integral and seemingly normal. However, any reasonable person attending one of the gay pride events would quickly draw specific conclusions that likely wouldn’t leave room for justifying such gatherings.

«Какая-нибудь небольшая цитата»

After attending last Saturday’s Prague Pride, I left with a firm conviction that such events should not become commonplace in European cities. What happens at these events is far from always being adequately perceived by residents and tourists, especially when there are minors or elderly individuals unaccustomed to such explicit displays of debauchery on the central streets of their cities in broad daylight. Sadomasochistic characters dressed in leather gags and black latex costumes, male bodies adorned solely with feminine lace in the genital area, horns and tails and other satanic paraphernalia on aroused teenagers, young children holding LGBT flags in tiny hands, led by their frivolous parents in the same procession with gays, lesbians, transvestites and pedophiles. All of this evokes less than positive feelings, prompting contemplation about our future and the future of our children.

Photos: Voice of Europe

It should be noted that an entire week of LGBT events, culminating in a grand Pride celebration, did not go unnoticed by the local residents of Prague who do not share the joy of its non-traditional participants regarding the Prague Pride 2023 held at the heart of the Czech capital. While I was writing this article, I came across a comment by a resident of central Prague under an enthusiastic post about the Pride on a well-known social network, which I won’t mention here to avoid giving it extra promotion. In their comment, the Prague resident lamented the blatant violation of rights and freedoms by the organizers and participants of the Prague Pride. They complained about litter, noise, and other inconveniences that occupied their street for a whole day without any significant reason. The resident lost their peace, couldn’t park in their designated parking spot and what used to be a traditional Saturday trip to the nearby supermarket for groceries became a torment. At the end of their comment under the social media post, the citizen humorously remarked that representatives of non-traditional values had deprived them of their own traditional values for the entire weekend. Objectively assessing the situation in which the outraged commentator found themselves near their home, it can confidently be stated that there are likely thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of people like them in Prague. Not everyone is ready to voice their opinion upfront and then stand their ground against a massive global mechanism, well-funded and heavily publicized.

Of course, the Prague Pride, like any event of its nature, didn’t go without politics, forcefully expressed through anti-Russian messages and pro-Ukrainian slogans heard from the stage and proudly displayed on clothing items and banners of many participants. This contradicts statements by organizers of such prides worldwide that these events are always apolitical and purely peaceful. Some representatives of non-traditional sexual orientations did not appear peaceful at all, and the most radical among them, passing by Pride opponents, shouted insults and even gestured offensively. It’s also important to note that the unconventional festival took place under the patronage of the Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Lipavský, the Minister of Regional Development, Ivan Bartoš, the Chair of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the Mayor of Prague 1, Tereza Radomějská, and the Deputy Mayor of Prague 7, Gana Tržestíková. Such a presence of high-ranking Czech officials indicates a very high level of support for Prague Pride 2023 among local politicians. It’s worth noting the participation of numerous global brands and the Czech automotive brand Škoda among the event’s organizers and participants. Škoda was represented at the festival with its booth and several dozens of visitors clad in their corporate colors. Several Czech military personnel also participated in the parade.

In general, this event was organized at a high level, and it was evident that substantial funds were invested, despite the fact that the Czech Republic, like many EU countries, is currently facing significant economic challenges. The money spent on promoting and showcasing the virtues of the LGBT community to the Czech people could have been of great use to Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic or the Ukrainian army on the front lines. Unfortunately, the Western world is mired in its own hypocrisy and profound lies, making it increasingly difficult to take the statements of liberal politicians seriously on various important issues for the global community. This applies to all representatives of liberal political ideology, especially in terms of their support for the LGBT cause, which is likely used solely for their self-serving broader political goals of capturing the loyalty of youthful voters. After all, as it’s known, the youth are crazy about shows, “so the show must go on…”

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