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Today, the former president of the United States is scheduled to appear before a Federal court in Miami, where he will be read the charges of storing classified documents. Earlier, Federal Magistrate Judge John Goodman denied the media coalition’s request for video and audio recording of the proceedings but promised to release the transcript on the same day.

Former President Donald Trump’s indictment for illegal storage of classified documents has significant negative implications for the United States, writes The Hill. There are three key reasons why all Americans, regardless of their support for Trump’s potential 2024 campaign, should find this indictment deeply troubling.

Firstly, it reinforces the widely-held belief, especially among conservatives, that there is a stark contrast in the application of justice between the political right and left. Trump is not the only public figure to have mishandled classified information, yet previous instances involving Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did not lead to indictments. This inconsistency fuels the perception of a biased justice system.

Secondly, the timing of Trump’s indictment conveniently coincided with the revelation of credible allegations against President Joe Biden. These allegations suggest that Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian company. Instead of addressing these claims, Biden’s Justice Department created a distracting narrative by indicting Trump. This diversionary tactic prevents a transparent investigation into the serious accusations against Biden, which undermines the integrity of his presidency and our country’s reputation.

Thirdly, Biden has repeatedly emphasized the importance of protecting democracy and fair elections. However, the indictment of his potential 2024 rival, Trump, on questionable charges reminiscent of the case against Hillary Clinton, raises concerns of election interference. This move appears designed to undermine Trump’s chances of running for office again, even though polls indicate a competitive race between the two. By engaging in such tactics, Biden further divides the nation and fails to fulfill his promise of unification.

Overall, this indictment against Trump exacerbates the existing divisions in the country and raises doubts about the fairness and impartiality of the justice system. It serves as a distraction from serious allegations against Biden and undermines the democratic principles he claims to champion.

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